Encore Essence Water – Like V

The private pelvic muscles are here but

As age increases, estrogen begins to decline

The intimate area is like the second face of a woman

If you ignore it and within some time, things will get messy.

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Intimate Part Dryness

Intimate part dryness occurs when the tissues of the vagina are not well lubricated. 17% of women experience problems with intimate part dryness during sex, even before the menopause takes place

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Experiencing uncomfortable vaginal itching and tingling feeling strikes, you may assume that you have a  infection


the skin on your intimate areas is darker than the rest of your skin

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Intimate part produce a tangy or sour aroma and this can occur because of poor hygiene 

Multiple functions in just one bottle!

Rejuvenating women’s intimate care and health

Moisturizing, Solving dryness issues

Replenishes moisture to the vaginal walls, and quick absorbing and moisturising effects

Moisturizing, Solving dryness issues

Balance of the vaginal pH, Repairs the pH of the vaginal microenvironment

creates a better environment for beneficial bacteria

Relieves odour and relieves itching

improves abnormal leucorrhea

Deep repair and firming effects

Restores skins’ elasticity, firmness and feel

Repair the vaginal mucosa and removes the melanin deposits

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Moisturizing, Solving dryness issues

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Replenishes moisture to the intimate part walls, and quick absorbing and moisturising effects

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Intimate Calming

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Balance of the intimate part pH, Repairs the pH of the vaginal microenvironment

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Creates a better environment for beneficial bacteria

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Relieves odour and relieves itching

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Improves abnormal leucorrhea

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Deep repair and firming effects

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Restores skins’ elasticity, firmness and feel

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Repair the intimate part mucosa and removes the melanin deposits

8 Major Ingredients and Effects

Selected French raw materials ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC certification

Making the intimate area healthier 

Bifida Ferment Lysate

The main ingredient of Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum and Lancome Advanced Génifique Serum, anti-aging and strengthening skin barrier

Amiderm Er technology

Balances the pH level of the intimate part, soothes and moisturises, reduces inflammation

Blue Agave Leaf Extract

Skin firming, increases prebiotics, and balances the beneficial bacteria in the intimate part

Sage Leaf Extract

Has dual functions of sedation and soothing, and also strong antibacterial effect


Deodorant, antibacterial

Chamomile Extract

Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, eliminates free radicals

Fermented Organic Rye Flour

Helps to balances the pH level of the intimate part and has antibacterial effects


Rich in ten different whitening and brightening plant extracts, removes melanin and moisturises

Like V Product Tutorial

Steps of usage

How To Apply Like V Properly


Clean your hands and press the tip of the bottle to open it.


Lie on your back with your legs bent (on a flat surface), and place the bottle tip(white part) into your intimate part.


Squeeze the essence fully into the intimate part.


When you feel the essence is squeezed out of the bottle, tighten the vulva walls for 10 seconds to fully absorb it, relax, and then squeeze in the remaining essence, repeat process until the bottle is empty.


After completely squeezing all the essence, lie down from left to right side for 10 minutes, then you can move freely or directly go to sleep.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

important things you should know

ENCORE Like V is tried and clinically tested. The active ingredients in the product occur normally in a healthy intimate part. All ingredients are approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia, Food and Drugs Administration and ECOCERT COSMOS Certificate.

Do not use ENCORE Like V if you are,

  1. under age 18 years old
  2. allergic to any of its ingredients.
  3. If you are having any gynaecology medication treatment, please use after the treatment end.

    Yes, ENCORE Like V is safe to use when breastfeeding.

    In rare cases, vaginal itching or burning may occur at the start of treatment.

    About 1 person in 150 people will feel a burning sensation. It is possible because of excessive washing of the intimate part or friction during sex in the past may cause damage to the skin barrier of the vaginal wall.

    In addition, about 1 in 100 people will feel more itching after using Like V. Usually, the more itching situation means that Like V is working hard to suppress bad bacteria in the intimate part .

    It is recommended to start using Like V three days after by the end of the menstrual period. Use 4 vials in the first two weeks, 1 vials in the third week, and after using 5 vials, wait for the menstrual period of the next cycle to arrive.

    *Do remember use the calendar that we have provided to mark your day.

    When you start using second box of Like V, you may use 1 vials per week as a skin care routine to maintain the pH value of the intimate part. If you are facing serious gynecology problem, We advise you to keep using 2 vials per week. Serious gynecology problem: severe odor, itchiness, abnormal discharge, and looseness of the intimate part walls.

    After using Like V, There will not be any secretions, 1 out of 200 people will experience light red discharge (Some May Mistaken It As Menstrual Blood ). We recommend using Like V three days after the end of the menstrual period. So, the menstrual blood accumulated in the intimate part folds will be discharged by the use of Like V.

    If you have an allergy or reaction to any of its ingredients, the product should be discontinued.

    Yes, you can use ENCORE Like V immediately AFTER COMPLETE an antibiotic treatment. Typical antibiotic treatments (metronidazole or clindamycin) for Bacterial Vaginosis infections can strip away beneficial bacteria, start using Like V can helps to balance to pH value of intimate part.

    If you notice a recurrence of symptoms around the time of your period, using ENCORE Like V 3 days after your period can help to maintain the natural pH and prevent the symptoms from recurring.

    Maintaining a balanced intimate part ecosystem is essential in preventing recurring infections. You can use ENCORE Like V even if you do not have a current infection, to maintain a healthy balance. We recommend you use four(4) vials for the first two weeks then subsequently use one(1) vial once a week for maintaining vaginal health in order to prevent recurrence of any intimate part infection or irritation.

    Other tips to help prevent recurrence include:

    • Avoid using perfumed intimate products (soaps, intimate part deodorants, etc.) as these can disrupt the natural and healthy intimate part balance.
    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet.
    • Avoid non breathable underwear materials.
    • Do not over wash your intimate part with feminine wash, never use body soap for intimate part washing as the pH of soap is too drying for the female genitalia area.
    • Keep genital area clean and dry after bathing, swimming or going to the loo.

    Like-V is product Specially Formulate for intimate area. This will help reduce dryness and itching, but you should seek a suggestion from medical opinion because our product is of cosmetic care and not a drug.

    We strongly recommend you to apply and finish four (4) vials in two weeks. If you miss a week, there is no need to start over. Simply, resume the regimen where you left off. Then after which you just continue on using one (1) vial per week.

    It is best to use ENCORE Like V before bedtime.


    Do not use ENCORE Like V before swimming or bathing. If you use the product before you swim or take a bath there is a risk that the water could wash some of the product out, making it less effective.

    Yes, you can have intercourse using ENCORE Like V. Please note, ENCORE Like V should not be used as a form of contraception.

    Yes. ENCORE Like V can be used with condoms and other barrier contraceptives. Please note, ENCORE Like V should not be used as a form of contraception.

    To prepare for pregnancy, you can use Like V to have a healthy vagina has a pH of 3.8 – 4.5, and our Like V pH value is 4.39, so using Like V does not affect pregnancy.

    ENCORE Like V is safe for pregnant women, however, we do not recommended using Like V during pregnancy because each women will face different hormone during pregnancy and will have different reaction. So,  if you have any of the symptoms of a vaginal infection during pregnancy you should consult your doctor.

    ENCORE Like V is a chemical free, non-toxic and made with plant extracts . If ingested, there is no cause for alarm

    Store ENCORE Like V, in its box, in a dry place at room temperature, 15°C to 30°C. Do not use it beyond the expiry date. The expiry date is stated on the vial and box. Once used, the vial can be disposed of.

    Many women notice their symptoms start to improve after just one box of 5 vials.

    It is not harmful to continuously use ENCORE Like V as a maintenance upkeep for your vaginal health.

    Yes. In fact, using ENCORE Like V AFTER a completion course of antibiotics can help to restore the correct vaginal pH and prevent the growth of organisms that may cause an infection.

    Whitening and radiance requires some time to progress. Don’t rely on using products that can only cover the original precipitation and prevent the dullness from increasing . 

    Everyone’s physique is different, and the process of fading hyperpigmentation is also different, so you need to put your whole heart to it and follow the progress step by step!