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What is a intimate part pH?

Intimate part pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline the intimate part is. A healthy intimate part pH is usually between 3.8 and

Intimate Part Health

Poor hygiene does not cause Bacterial Vaginosis. On the contrary, excessive washing of the intimate part may alter the normal balance of bacteria, which may

Intimate Part Douching

Helpful or Harmful? And are there Problems Caused by Intimate Part Douching? What is intimate part douching? It is a method to wash out the

The Importance of pH

Why is the pH of the intimate part important? The intimate part environment contains many microorganisms/flora living in balance. Lactobacillus (friendly bacteria) is the main

Pregnancy and Bacterial Vaginosis

Intimate Part Discharge & Odour During Pregnancy: What’s Normal? Bacterial Vaginosis is found in about 25% of pregnant women. BV is usually not dangerous, however

Antibiotic Resistance

The problem with antibiotics is that bacteria eventually outsmart them! Implications of Overusing Antibiotics It is worth noting that while prophylaxis with antibiotics is most

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