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The pandemic is raging, and movement control orders are constantly repeating. Many businesses have gradually lost sight of people’s vision, and office workers are even more worried about whether or not the next layoffs are themselves.

A pandemic has transitioned people’s business to the digital platform but wait! There are so many similar products, how to choose? Big brands & well-known products? There are so many agents out there, the market is too saturated, how to compete among all these brands? 


An office worker who knows that the salary of a job cannot keep up with the inflation rate of the market!


An online seller with a stockpile of goods at home, and the invested money is still not returned in capital!


The salesman who doesn’t know how to attract customers, and has no social performance!


The boss with the traditional business model methods!

Why Encore?

Together We Are Ocean


Encore maintains a high level of the certification from the government its safe to used! certification from ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC | FDA | KKM NPRA | EU organic certification | International FDA Food and Drug Administration certification | Malaysian Ministry of Health certification |


Melanin accumulation becoming more severe due to over rubbing of skin under your clothes? I am here to help you fight off melanin deposits! Gentle and non-irritating, use it on intimate and tender areas, such as nipples, lips and the vulva walls. I am your first choice! It not only moisturises when used on the lips but it also can be used as a lip primer! Revealing a pinkish tone, natural and beautiful!


I am a skincare product for internal use, not a cleansing product! No more worries on the "sister" or Lady V being washed dry! I am a pro at moisturising! Excessive discharge? And with colour? ! Don't be afraid, I am here! I can help you balance the pH value of your "sister" aka Lady V whilst working hard to resist,remove odours and relieve itching! As I age and use more, should I be just dry? NO NO NO, I am here to help you restore moisture and firmness of the past!

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How Can We Help You?

Making a start

Now, what you need are products from the “blue ocean market “ to help you!

Innovative blue ocean market products. Women’s health & beautycare entrepreneurship platform!

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The blue ocean market seizes the opportunity

Women's intimate care is becoming more and more popular, but the Malaysian market is lacking in the aspects of intimate care and it is difficult to obtain relevant products. According to the official report from the World Health Organisation, it is estimated that 90% of women suffer from various degrees of gynecological diseases! It also says that women's knowledge towards intimate care and intimate part health is almost zero! So the birth of Encore is creating a whole market for Asia!

The hot new women’s maintenance and care beauty market

Women's requirements for beauty continue to increase, and health products and health care beauty treatments have also become major consumer items for women. Encore products belong to the range of skin care products, which are different from the cleansing products in the general market. Face care and hair care is essential, but intimate skin care products will be the hottest trend in 2021.

Huge customer base

Many brands in the market focus on the younger generation however Encore’s product customer range from a matured age to women over 45 years old, hence intimate care products are the ones with the highest repurchasing rates in the market.

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Are you ready for the “blue ocean market” strategy?

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