It's very common

we just never talk
about it

It's very common

we just never talk
about it

Promo Package

2 box Like V + 1 box Pink Solution

Promo Package

2 box Pink Solution + 1 box Like V 

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3 box Like V 

Promo Package

3 box Pink Solution

Our Product

Youth has no age

ENCORE is a brand with its product technology developed in France. Made with natural plant-extract-based ingredients, all ENCORE intimate care products are edible-grade and safe to be used on sensitive skin types. ENCORE hopes to solve women’s private part concerns with a variety of Female Private Part Care Products that targets gynaecological issues faced by women of many age range.

Freezing a moment,

reveals how rich reality truly is

Like V Essence Water

Women’s intimate care essence water

ENCORE’s best seller. With French technology research and development, containing Bifada Ferment Lysate, the same powerful ingredient in Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and Lancome’s Advanced Génifique Microbiome Serum which effectively inhibits bacteria and maintains intimate part pH value.

Pink Solution Moisturising Cream

Women’s rejuvenation to pinkish skin

A woman’s charm, start by saying goodbye to grey history and be reborn from within for the most delicate and private skin part. It doubles as a moisturiser, repels melanin, and regenerates a new layer of skin.


Solving dryness issues and Replenishes moisture to the vaginal walls, quick absorbing with moisturising effects.

Deep repair and firming effects

Restores skins’ elasticity, firmness, feel and repair the vaginal mucosa and removes the melanin deposits.

Balance of the vaginal pH

Repairs the pH of the vaginal microenvironment and creates a better environment for beneficial bacteria and removes odour, relieves itching, improves abnormal leucorrhea.

restore your youth

Improve dullness skin, mattify your skin, restore dull-looking, tired wrinkled face skin, improving your skin's appearance.

Quality Assurance

Peace of usage with reliable certification

From research and development to production, ENCORE has choose the raw materials which approval by European Organization, the ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC certification proves that the ingredients of ENCORE products are natural and organic, and also proves that the  production environment of the raw materials must also be derived from organic farms.

Since technology research and development and production plants are not in Malaysia, ENCORE products have also been certified by the International FDA Food and Drug Administration for allowance into Malaysia.

As a Malaysian brand, it is crucial to be approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) and the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).